Who is Potentkava.com?

Potentkava.com supplies Premium Kava Products produced by Waialeale Kava Source on the Garden Island of Kauai, Hawaii. We have been serving Kava on Kauai for over 25 years. Trusted & Certified by Kanaka Maoli (indigenous Hawaiians). On Kauai, Kava is called Awa. We produce small amounts of Awa root which we drink fresh and green. Our company currently sources the Finest Kava Powder from the South Pacific Islands of Vanuatu. We use only certified Noble Kava with a 70/30 blend of Lateral roots & Corm. This blend offers a potent yet smooth drinking kava that we have been Enjoying for over 5 years. Sit back and relax with some of our Fine Kava Products that are produced by Kauai Kanaka. ALOHA!!!