1 oz. Instant Kava
1 oz. Instant Kava

1 oz. Instant Kava

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1 oz. Instant Kava 30/70 blend of Lateral & Basal Root of Noble Vanuatu Kava.

Tradtionally grown by Indigenous cultivators in the South Pacific Island Nation of Vanuatu.

Grown Sustainably with out the use of Synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

Our Instant Kava is super convenient and easy to mix for a Mellow Mood enhancer and relaxation.

Processed in Vanuatu and Kauai, Hawaii.

1 oz. of Instant Kava will make about 6 - 20 oz. beverages.

High Grade Top Quality Supreme Kava Trusted and served locally on the island of Kauai, Hawaii for over 20 years.